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(Image credit: http://theberry.com/)

The first day of spring is upon us!

At long last! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the temperatures are rising. Here in middle Tennessee, spring brings many beautiful flowers with vibrant colors - and that has us feeling inspired! To celebrate, we’ve put together a fun collection of spring things and we hope it gets you feeling inspired too!

Let’s start with the wardrobe!

We just love floral for spring outfits – I mean really, you can never have enough! Here are a few sweet floral looks (that we think would look so cute with some Seasons Jewelry layered on – can you say chunky wood beads or knotted crystal?!)!

(Image credit L to R: https://mindymaesmarket.com https://omgoutfitideas.com https://mindymaesmarket.com

Next up is some spring décor!

It’s time to bring some of those fragrant flowers inside, and brighten up your house! Whether you like a simple floral arrangement, or a DIY craft project, there are tons of fun ideas out there that will help you bring the outdoors inside!

(Image credit L to R: http://www.dimagio-garden.xyz/
http://domino.com/ http://everydayhomeblog.com/)


(Image credit L to R: http://talesfromanoccottage.blogspot.com/ http://www.projectinspired.com/ https://blogs.babycenter.com)


(Image credit L to R: http://greenweddingshoes.com/ https://lilyandval.com

Ok, so now that you’re dressing the part,

and your house is looking fabulous, you might as well have some friends over for some tasty spring treats – right?! How about some flower cupcakes and a cool glass of strawberry lemonade? These cupcakes take pastry decorating to another level – and how gorgeous is this pitcher of lemonade? Cheers!

(Image credit L to R: http://sugarandcharm.com/ http://www.lifesambrosia.com/)


We hope you enjoyed our collection of all things SPRING! For direct links as well as even more fun ideas, check out our Pinterest board, Spring Fever!

...xoxo... the SJ team!

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